Negxie Enterprise is into food processing.


Company Details Contact Details
Name Negxie Enterprise Postal Address c/o Box 1633, Accra
Description Food Processing Location Address

Contact Person
Obum Road, Near Great Lamptey Mills School

Ntow Ebenezer Eshun
Year of Establishment 28/12/2016 Tel +233-244-290029/+233-244-286549
Business Type

Sole Proprietorship

Central Region
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Product Details
Product Description
Negxie Gari, Negxie Meko (shito), Negxie Konkonte pack, Augxieple Juice, Augxie Cane Stick
Packaging Bagges & bottles & plastic containers
Shelf Life
Gari - 2 years

Meko (Shito) 8 months