Ghana Trade - Official SME Product Portal and Web Gallery


The Ministry of Trade and Industry is working to transform enterprises, create jobs, strengthen Ghana's trade and industrial position and, in the end improve livelihoods.

I firmly believe that MSMEs in Ghana are of great importance to achieving our objectives as a sector Ministry and also as a Government. However, most of the MSMEs lack the exposure and strong market oriented product development culture required to be internationally competitive. This limits their capacity to take advantage of emerging economic opportunities.

Furthermore, due to their small sizes, most MSMEs cannot afford to develop and procure the essential professional services to effectively market their products and services on a sustainable basis.

It is in this vein that the Ministry of Trade and Industry through the MSME Project has developed the National Web Based Products Gallery, an electronic platform using "virtual market space" concept which will feature only locally manufactured products, to advertise these products within and outside Ghana.

It must be emphasized that detailed products and company information of participating firms have been provided, serving as a source of reliable information on Ghanaian products. The informative homepage has been tailored to satisfy a wide range of audience to the website as well as improve the usability and usefulness of the website.

We have carefully selected companies with strong profiles for the website. I, therefore, encourage users to feel free to transact business with companies provided on the site whilst ensuring that they take the necessary precautionary measures against any probable misconduct by users.

The Ministry will not be held liable for any cyber misconduct emanating from users of this website.

We look forward to successful interactions on the web site to ensure increased patronage through enhanced awareness and provision of relevant market information on "Made-ln-Ghana products" which would result in increased job creation and revenue generation.