Lister Hospital

Lister Hospital and Fertility Centre is the most technologically advanced private hospital in West Africa. It offers modern and advanced medical facilities for both in and outpatients.We give individualised patient care to residents visiting business people as well as holiday makers. The hospital runs a 24-hour service including Sundays and public holidays.

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Name Lister Hospital and Fertility Centre Postal Address

P. O. Box CT966


Accra, Ghana.


Lister Hospital and Fertility Centre is the most technologically advanced private hospital in West Africa. It offers modern and advanced medical facilities for both in and outpatients, comfortable accommodation and a highly trained staff who provide extensive general and specialist healthcare and diagnostic services.

Location Address Airport Hills off the Spintex road, Accra.
Year of Establishment 2003




+233 303 409 030 / +233 303 409 031

+233 302 812 397 / +233 244 313 883



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