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Adidome Ceramics Co. Ltd

Adidome Ceramics Company’s brick factory uses the high quality local clays in Adidome for all of its production using two brick production lines (one Brazilian and one German). No imported materials are used in producing our brick products. Firing of the bricks and tiles is undertaken in 3 kilns, each of 19,000 brick capacity per firing, plus a smaller pottery kiln. A 5th kiln has recently been built with a much larger capacity of 120,000 bricks per firing (= 10 two-bedroom houses per firing) and this will be commissioned in 2013 to massively increase the production capacity of the company. This will enable the company to service the large housing projects, multiple school projects and new university projects in Ghana. Adidome Ceramics has exported products to Togo and Benin. All products exceed Ghana Standards Board’s quality specifications and EU quality specifications for strength and durability. The activities of our operations include:-

1. Manufacture of fired clay bricks, clay roof tile, clay paving blocks, “thin-brick” slices for cladding walls, hollow clay blocks and artistic terracotta pottery. Products can be sent to any part of Ghana with our own vehicle and to neighbouring countries, including Togo and Benin

2. Construction of energy-efficient houses in clay bricks using our experienced bricklayers.

3. Construction of incinerators for hospitals to enable them to safely dispose of medical waste

4. Construction of energy-efficient bread ovens, pizza ovens and charcoal kilns.

5. International consultancy in the clay brick, ceramics and industrial minerals industries worldwide for international agencies, private companies, private equity firms and development banks (projects completed in over 80 countries)

Company Details Contact Details
Name Adidome Ceramics Co. Ltd Postal Address

P.O Box OS3090 Osu-Accra, Ghana


No. 1: Energy-Saving Brick Houses

Issue No. 2: Charcoal Kilns

Issue No. 3: Hospital Incinerators

No.4: Expanding Brick Production

Factory Location

Accra Location

Adidome Hospital, Kpogede-Adidome, Central Tongu District, Volta Region

Kwashieman-Lapaz highway, near Hong Kong Theatre junction

Year of Establishment 1999

Contact, Ghana



Fax, Europe

Graham Smith  Tel: +233244388357/ +233243586078

+32 15322942,

+32 486273893

+32 15322942

Business Type Private Limited Company




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Product Details
Sales Unit Sold by piece, square metre and by truck load
Packaging No packaging, 10,000 pieces brick on our DAF truck
Unit Cost Dependant on quantity required and delivery location, discounts given for large quantities.